Save A Dog: Concerned Citizen Saves Schnauzer Abandoned With Horrific Neck Injury

Jet, a small schnauzer from Oklahoma, was found left in a crate in a park by a concerned citizen. Not only was the pup abandoned, but he also appears to have been abused.

After finding Jet, the citizen contacted animal control and then kept the pup overnight before bringing him into Ardmore Animal Shelter.

Shelter staff reported to The Daily Ardmoreite that Jet was in “extremely poor condition.” He was undernourished, famished, and injured. Worse, the injury to the dog’s neck appears to be several weeks old.

Ardmore Animal Shelter Took In the Pup

(WARNING: The second picture in the IG post below is graphic and may disturb some viewers.)

Ardmore Animal Shelter Executive Director Casey Renteria said that it’s unclear what caused the injury. Photos were posted to Instagram and Facebook by the shelter, but some are quite graphic. Fair warning.

“This looks similar to what might happen if a kid put a rubber band around his neck and forgot about it,” Renteria explained.

“I’ve had a few come in here before with injuries similar to this, but he doesn’t have any kind of sores on the top part of his neck, so I’m not totally sure. Whatever the case, it’s something that could have been a simple fix in the beginning, but it got out of control.”

This Little Schnauzer Is Now In Good Hands

Close up of White Schnauzer asleep.

(Stock Picture Credit: Rosa María Fernández Rz/Getty Images)

Shelter staff gave Jet his name and reported to The Daily Ardmoreite that he “is extremely friendly and in good spirits.” Renteria believes he may have been previously well-cared for, as he’s “extremely well-mannered.”

For at least a few weeks, Jet will remain at the shelter while he undergoes recovery and treatment. This will include keeping the injury very clean and treated with oral and topical antibiotics.

Once the heavy-lifting is out of the way, the shelter plans on finding a suitable foster home for Jet. They’ll need someone responsible who understands how to look after the injury and bring Jet in periodically for checkups, says Renteria.

Renteria made clear that the timeline of this will be at their veterinarian’s discretion. We wish Jet a speedy recovery and couldn’t be happier that he’s in such good hands.

If you’d like to keep up with Ardmore Animal Shelter or make a donation, you can do so at their website here!

Have you ever found a pup in this kind of situation? What do you think of the injury found on the neck of this poor little schnauzer? Let us know in the comments below.