6 Best Loyal, Hardworking Farm Dog Breeds

Dog Farm 1

(Picture Credit: eyecrave/Getty Images)

If you live on a farm, you know it’s more than a peaceful, picturesque slice of life in the countryside. It takes a lot of work to keep a farm going, and you usually need all the help you can get.

Before many of our cherished dog breeds became our family members living at home, they were hardworking farm dogs doing their part to keep it all going. From guarding livestock to herding other farm animals, dogs played an integral role helping farmers maintain order and protecting livestock from predators.

But not all dog breeds were meant for the rigors of the rural life. There are some dogs who were just born to be in the outdoors and run free.

Still, if you have a high-energy farm breed who doesn’t live on a farm, you’ll need to give them plenty of exercise. DogTime recommends this toy to give energetic dogs some physical activity!

Here are the six best farm dog breeds that enjoy life in the country.

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